Welcome to ForWord Communication -- I'm glad you're here. 

I'm a content writer and editor by choice and a logophile by blood. The daughter of educators –  my mom  was my fifth-grade grammar teacher – it’s hardly surprising that I found my way to a career in communications. I studied PR and journalism in college; was a writer and news editor of my college newspaper; and regardless of the jobs I’ve held, have found my way to writing for the business in some manner. Over the years I’ve worked in several industries in the marketing communication space, and I fell in love with the concise nature of web writing when I worked for a dot com in 2000. My writing is very different from my speaking, where I have no shortage of words, because I’ve found in writing, less is almost always more.


A naturally curious person, I love researching new topics to write about and have never shied away from an industry or about subject I haven’t yet met. Content writers are researchers — as such, some might find my vast knowledge of odd topics quite strange, but it does make for great party conversation.


I’m still on the fence regarding my true feelings on the oxford comma, I love a good grammar pun, and dorky as it is, I thrill from finding mistakes in published works and on screen.


I look forward to working with you to transform your message from ordinary to memorable.


~ Frannie (and my sidekick Freddie) 

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